Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Clean Windows

Eamonn claims the way to get your windows washed is to just ask a window washer who is cleaning someone else's windows. I don't see any window washers. Ever. And what's the protocoll if I do see one...do I run up to his ladder and point to my windows and say "CAN YOU DO MINE NEXT PLEASE? THAT BIRD POOP HAS BEEN THERE SINCE I MOVED IN 2010."

That's a lie, once I saw a window cleaner out my back garden. But I would have had to run outside, stand on my tiptoes to be seen over the hedge, and once again scream at a guy on a ladder. Then what do I do, point at my windows and hope he remembers which of all the identical dirty windows is mine?

The payment process is also odd. Apparently they just come to your door sometime later and collect. But what if I'm never home? Do window washers live in ye olde times where people just do jobs and collect payment from the friendly neighbour later?

I think the only conclusion is that I need to clean the windows myself.

But that ain't happening. So I'll keep looking for window cleaners in the neighbourhood  And maybe make signs on the windows that say CLEAN THESE ONES! I'LL PAY LATER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

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