Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Clean Windows

Eamonn claims the way to get your windows washed is to just ask a window washer who is cleaning someone else's windows. I don't see any window washers. Ever. And what's the protocoll if I do see one...do I run up to his ladder and point to my windows and say "CAN YOU DO MINE NEXT PLEASE? THAT BIRD POOP HAS BEEN THERE SINCE I MOVED IN 2010."

That's a lie, once I saw a window cleaner out my back garden. But I would have had to run outside, stand on my tiptoes to be seen over the hedge, and once again scream at a guy on a ladder. Then what do I do, point at my windows and hope he remembers which of all the identical dirty windows is mine?

The payment process is also odd. Apparently they just come to your door sometime later and collect. But what if I'm never home? Do window washers live in ye olde times where people just do jobs and collect payment from the friendly neighbour later?

I think the only conclusion is that I need to clean the windows myself.

But that ain't happening. So I'll keep looking for window cleaners in the neighbourhood  And maybe make signs on the windows that say CLEAN THESE ONES! I'LL PAY LATER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I Wish I Could Buy

Is it too early to order Christmas music? I really want Sufjan Steven's Christmas album, as well as She & Him's Christmas album. Actually, to be honest, I pretty much want all of She & Him's collection. But especially their Christmas diddies. I dropped a lot of pretty major hints to Eamonn regarding the Sufjan album last year, but apparently they were sold out.

This year I thought about buying them myself but since I'm saving to go back to San Diego (where I will bring two empty suitcases and fill them with lots of clothes, Jr Mints, and classic Cheerios), I thought I'd save on the excessive spending.

That's a lie. It's mostly because last night I ordered My Fair Lady and a British TV series I've been promised is as awesome as Downton Abby. But perhaps the San Diego thing will be my further excuse.

In the meantime, I'm still pretty obsessed with that Sammy Davis Jr song "Rhythm of Life" from Sweet Charity. Did you know it was in a Guinness commercial (or "advert" if you're British, which I'm not...but man do these words creep into my speech)? This ad incorporates many things I love: booze, science, and an awesome song.

On another note I'd just like to say I'm pretty sure the weather in Glasgow is bipolar. One second there's thunder claps and violet rain, not to mention a very grey sky, and the next it's sunny and birds are chirping. If I've learned one thing about this silly country, it's that one needs cute rainboots and a warm jacket with a hood. Neither of which I own. Must grab my wallet and head to the "high street!"


Lately I've been craving some My Fair Lady like nobody's business.

I chalk it up to the fact that I'm working on the musical Me and My Girl, which seems like the dime store version of My Fair Lady mixed with a little Singing in the Rain (they even have a song called "Leaning on a Lamp Post").

Not to say the musical is without merit. Apparently "The Sun Has Got Its Hat On," the opening number for act 2, is actually a well known song that my various Scottish friends were surprised to find out is from a musical.

I was also surprised to see people in the musical wearing these clothes:

After making a few (hilarious) references to Mary Poppins, and possibly singing part of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I seriously spelled that right. I googled it after, and found my version was correct! High-five me!), I was informed by my fellow coworkers that this is in fact an actual thing. So I looked it up. "Pearly Kings and Queens" is a kind of working-class charity tradition. But it seems to also be a kind of strange fashion fad, much like much like the Yoyogi Rockabilly Elvises. For charity. By the way I chose that particular Youtube video of hundreds, because I enjoyed the awkardness of that older Japanese guy taking off his shirt.

Back to Pearl Kings and Queens. Maybe I'm the only one, but this information completely blew my mind, as I always thought this mariachi-esque outfit was strictly a funky thing from Marry Poppins
I said it to me girl, and now me girl's me wife!

Now I think I'll cruise Amazon for a good used copy of My Fair Lady so I can also sing about the rain in Spain being mainly in the plains. While humming the tune to "The Sun Has Got Its Hat On," Which is mega-catchy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Challenge Rejected

Well that challenge was a waste of time. Especially since lately I've been working late, staying up even later catching up on my stories, then getting up around/after 12, reading in bed until late afternoon, then scrambling to exercise and make it to work by 6pm.

It's a fine life I lead...as a casual technician.

But that's about to end as of tomorrow because I have Halloween decorations to dig up/make, Christmas presents to seriously start making (seriously...me. Seriously), and movies to go see by myself (it's fun...honest! No it's not. Maybe it is a little).

Who knows if this will work...perhaps weeks will go by and all you'll have is another "Wow it's a whole new season and I've been awfully quiet!" post.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fail Fail Fail!

My 30 posts in 30 days hasn't gone very well so far, considering that the month is almost over! What happened? I blame myself, the pure dislike I have for my dying computer, and the fact that I've been entertaining visitors.

But these are mere excuses. I have, while not blogging every day, been crocheting every day! My bag now looks like a giant ruffly doily. I'm still concerned about this ruffling, but I'm going to keep going and hope it's all for the best. Either that or I'll have to take the whole damn thing apart and make up my own pattern. Here's my ruffly ruffle ruff:

Now I must go back to this curious bag, a really bad miniseries I can't stop watching, and the promises of a yummy curry being made by Eamonn in the kitchen.

As far as things to come, I have some fun crochet-related plans ahead, as well as nearly two months straight of theatre-related work, a "mini break" (sounds so much cuter than mini vacatoin) to Edinburgh, and DOWNTON ABBEY IS BACK! So in a nutshell, things are pretty awesome!

See you tomorrow! I promise!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey, It's Pretty Cool!

The holidays are creeping up, and for that reason I have my mind set on crocheting Christmas presents early so I don't spend December nights up late making ugly hats.

But first, I am going to attempt to make this Super Self-Pouching String Bag as a birthday gift. The website is kind of silly, but after looking at what feels like hundreds of different free patterns for market bags, I think this one might be the best. Plus I saw a picture of someone's kid hanging in the bag! Hilarious!

I'm also pretty obsessed with this amazing lady's blog Hair Romance. Her tips and stories are wonderfully helpful, and I have realized I have hair dysmorphia. Despite the fact that it's pretty longish (just past the shoulders), I keep thinking I can't do anything with it. NOT ANYMORE!

And finally, thanks to Stumbleupon I came across this lovely mural which I can't wait to do in my home. Possibly in the hallway, possibly decorated with whatever tchotchkes correlate with the season. Crocheted bits and bobs perhaps?! The possibilities are endless!

Now I will go back to being proud of my hair, and crocheting this thing even though the base seems to be ruffling, which I don't think is supposed to happen.

Challenge AccepTED

I am so bad at blogging. Is it because I'm busy, have lost interest, or after throwing sandwich-sized updates on facebook/twitter, I just don't have the energy or motivation to put anything up on a blog?

I consume interesting things on the internet constantly now that I have a smart phone, and am always emailing things I love to friends, family, etc. Yet I hardly think about writing about it on the blog.

Funny things happen to me all the time in Glasgow, I see awesome things I want to do to my apartment, I make new crafty presents for people, yet I do it without really thinking about sharing.

Maybe I'll force myself to document it all for the next 30 days and see how I feel at the end.

So here's day one! On the next post.